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A New Look for the AMRF Website


'"The folks at the AMRF obviously care passionately about both the music and the musicians, and their work combines technical excellence on all levels with a huge measure of heart and soul…As a working musician, I can think of few efforts more worthy of financial support in the service of presenting and documenting our musical and cultural heritage." Paul Keller, 2006


Imagery is central to our work at the AMRF; listening to music with eyes closed can be a transcendent experience, but watching musicians create it – Axel Zwingenberger’s hands bouncing effortlessly across the keys so fast that all that the camera captures is a blur, or Koko Taylor prancing and growling through Wang Dang Doodle – takes music appreciation to an entirely different level. You can watch sampler's from all of our award winning television programs and DVD's on our redesigned website,


Even still images can illustrate the rhythm, harmony, camaraderie and joy artists share when making music, particularly when framed by a master like our friend and colleague John Collier. In this one, Michael Kaeshammer enjoys a patented Bob Seeley bear-hug. John's photographs are featured prominently on our new home page. Please drop by, and let us know what you think at


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About the AMRF


The AMRF is a federally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit arts and cultural organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of all American musical forms. This site is by no means an exhaustive resource on American music, but is designed to give the visitor an introduction to the work of the AMRF and hopefully provide a vehicle for the study and enjoyment of the various forms of music that are collectively thought of as American.

The opinions expressed within this site are those of the contributors and may contain inaccurate information. In addition, much of what is known and communicated about music is by its very nature anecdotal.

Music can be thought of in many interesting ways. Music is art, math, language, mythology, and culture. While the music itself is scientific in its most elemental form, the human culture that creates and surrounds it is quite subjective.

The development and evolution of music in its many forms is arguable which only adds to the mystique surrounding many forms of music, most notably, those that are considered "folk" forms of music.

President and Founder:  Ron Harwood
Vice President:  Shelly Harwood
Secretary/Treasurer:  Keith Irtenkauf

OUR MISSION:  The American Music Research Foundation will collect, film, record, archive, restore, master, edit and distribute material relating to American music--particularly the blues--including, but not limited to, interviews and performances recorded on video, film and audio tape, sheet music, letters and other documents, player piano rolls, 78-, 45-, and 33-rpm records, books, aural histories, photographs and other artifacts; provide funding for the promotion and production of concerts to educate and increase awareness of various musical forms and their historical significance; and collect and disburse funds to provide assistance to elderly and indigent performers with medical and financial emergencies.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the website, please contact Ryan Hertz at 

About the American Music Research Foundation  

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