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AMRF Broadcast Schedule


AMRF programs are distributed via satellite to public television stations nationwide by the National Educational Telecommunications Association. Individual stations may record the feeds and may air them at any time at their discretion. To date our programs have been broadcast over 1,500 times on over 340 stations across the country, available to 200 million individual viewers. Check here for broadcasts in your area - schedules are updated weekly.

The transition to digital transmission on June 12, 2009 provided broadcasters with three or four discrete broadcast channels. Stations listed below without a designated channel number are the primary digital channel 1. The numbers appended to the call letters denote which of the sideband channels the programs will appear on. Consult the directory for your digital service or cable provider to find out where they appear on your receiver.

Contact your public television station and tell them you want to see:

                                                 Corey Harris: Journeys
Station        Date        Day            Time       TZ                Market

KBDI            May 11    Sun             3:00am   MT               Denver, CO

KCET2      May 16      Fri              10:00pm  PT                Los Angeles, CA

KENW       May 16     Fri               10:00pm MT                Amarillo, NM

WESF       May 18     Sun              10:00pm ET                Orlando, FL

Detroit Blues & Beyond

Station        Date        Day            Time        TZ               Market

WNED         4/17        Thu              3:00am  ET              Buffalo, NY

WHUT         4/26         Sat             11:00pm ET              Washington, DC
                    4/27         Sun               3:00am ET                   


                    "Allen Toussaint: The Soul of New Orleans"

Station         Date       Day            Time         TZ              Market 


                            "4  Shades of Blues"

Station         Date      Day         Time          TZ             Market


Big Band Blues

Station      Date       Day          Time        TZ            Market

    Big Band Boogie Woogie

Station       Date        Day         Time        TZ           Market

International Boogie Woogie

Station       Date       Day            Time         TZ               Market




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