A Pictorial Recap of the 7th Annual Motor City Blues & Boogie Woogie Festival


Please click on the "view slideshow" icon below to see a pictorial review of the 7th Annual Motor City Blues & Boogie Woogie Festival.

For those of you who did not attend the festival, the slide show will give you an opportunity to see what you missed and will give you a preview of what we hope you won't miss in the coming year.  For those of you who did attend, these photos will surely bring back the experience. 

After you watch the slide show we encourage you to register on our website so that you may add your thoughts and opinions to the dissussion board, enabling us to gauge your likes and dislikes or anything else you might wish to express about the festival. 

Enjoy the show...

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The Blues Festival at the Royal Oak Theatre was great fun. The show was fantastic! Bernard Allison is a wonderfully talented performer who always puts on a jammin' show. Having the chance to see all the artists perform with the Phantom Blues Band was a treat too. Kenny Neal & Tasha Taylor were excellent. I hope there is another show next year. The only thing missing was a dance floor!!! Thanks for a fun evening.1/7/2006 1:06:37 PM
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Post your comments here. If you didn't attend the festival, did the photos of the slide show make you want to attend next year? If you did go to either night of the festival, how were the ticket prices? Did you like the seating arrangement? Did you prefer the Royal Oak Music Theatre over the Redford, and if so how? If you went both nights of the show which was your favorite? Who was your favorite performer? Would you like to know more about the festival's video taping and production into a PBS television show? What did you like and what didn't you like about this year's concert and how does it compare to previous years?11/11/2005 5:33:56 PM
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