St. Augustine Parish to close


Treme church holds rich history of New Orleans
Friday, February 10, 2006
By Bruce Nolan
Staff writer

St.Augustine Parish and its rich New Orleans history become victims of Hurricane Katrina

Called to manage a floodscape of devastated church parishes and hollowed-out neighborhoods, the Archdiocese of New Orleans Thursday said it could no longer afford to subsidize a treasure that counts as one of Hurricane Katrina's walking wounded: St. Augustine Parish, the cradle of black Catholicism in New Orleans.

Archbishop Alfred Hughes announced Thursday that he will close the parish, the third- or fourth-oldest in the archdiocese.

St. Augustine's historic church will remain open for weekly worship, now as one of two places of worship in the newly enlarged St. Peter Claver Parish next door.

But historic St. Augustine Parish will cease to exist in mid-March. Whatever future the community builds for itself, it will do so under another name and under a new pastor.

Founded in 1841 on a former plantation at the edge of the French Quarter, St. Augustine's roots are African, French, Haitian and Spanish.

Its story provides a window into the rich cultural ancestry of old New Orleans. ... [MORE]

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