RP hosts 'historic' jazz & arts festival


First posted 08:52pm (Mla time) Jan 22, 2006
By Tina Arceo-Dumlao

FILIPINOS ARE AMONG the world's best jazz exponents, says renowned jazz artist Kevyn Lettau, and it's about time more Filipinos knew about it.

Lettau told the Inquirer that it was with this in mind that she had jumped at the chance to participate in the first Philippine International Jazz and Arts Festival spearheaded by the Philippine Jazz Society (PJS).

"Jazz artists here are not appreciated enough," Lettau said, "[I'd like] to help raise awareness among Filipinos that there are really good artists here."

Lettau said jazz as a music form has not been as appreciated as it should be, either, not only in the Philippines, but elsewhere in the world, because of lack of exposure to the music, plus a generation gap between those who grew up listening to the likes of Sarah Vaughn and Billie Holiday and those weaned on rap music.  ... [MORE]

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